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The Democratic Sociliast Party of Ceticilia (short DSP) is a socialist political organization and the second oldest political party in Ceticilia after the Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia (GPoC).

Red DSP logo with Black Rose
The Black Rose, the icon of the DSP


The party was founded around 2019, being a successor of the defunct Libertarian Socialist Party of Ceticilia. Originally, the party color was purple, paying hommage to the fact that the German political party "Die Linke" usually gets displayed in purple in polls, though red is actually their primary color. The color was changed to primarily red, with purple as the secondary color around 2021. The DSP has been in Parliament for most of its existence and was often in the majority, effectively controlling Ceticilian politics. In 2023, the Ceticilian Ecological Union (CEU) has joined the Democratic Socialist Party, now being a caucus of the same. The Party has at some point published its own newspaper entitled "The Black Rose" though few issues were actually distributed; With the merger with the Ceticilian Ecological Union the CEU newspaper "The Green Dove" is released by the DSP in irregular intervals.


A socialist party, the Democratic Socialist Party of Ceticlia works towards acceptance of LGBTQ*+ rights, towards a more democratic workplace and the protection of the environment. The DSP recommends the abstention from produce of animal origin and the search for alternatives.


Most Ceticilian citizens are members of the Democratic Socialist Party, including notable Ceticilians like Taylor Mia Torres, Lily Jane Rotfels and Jean-Luc Caliastre.


Jordan Lord of the Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia routinely criticizes the DSP as he perceives the party to be too powerful, corrupt and undemocratic. Members of the DSP do not usually find that these concerns are based in reality.

Luna Aphelion of the DSP has also expressed annoyance about the DSP being a "formality" instead of an actual party, however she has equally criticized Jordan for not providing an alternative.