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This article lays out information about the Constitution of Ceticilia. For the body of text of the constitution go to constitution.

The Constitution of Ceticilia, commonly reffered to as "the Constitution" or "the constitution" with variable capitalization is the most fundamental document of Ceticilia's system of governance. From powers within the constitution all other laws and functions of government are laid out, with laws and ordinances going against the constitution rendered automatically void. The constitution may be altered by referendum or by Parliament with a majority of two thirds or more.


The Constitution of Ceticilia introduces the seven principles that Ceticilia should abide by in its third chapter entitled "Ceticilian Principles". These concepts were added with the goals of creating a functioning government which reflects the will of the people and Ceticilia's democratic foundations. These principles are:

  1. Principle of the Power of the People
  2. Principle of Non-Retroactivity
  3. Principle of Neutrality
  4. Principle of Conscience at Arms
  5. Principle of Constitutional Supremacy
  6. Principle of Legal Precedence
  7. Principle of Anti-Fascism



In the early days of Ceticilia, in the year 2016, there was no constitution and all laws were compiled via collecting a number of referenda passed in the "legislation channel". A Ceticilian constitution was discussed in mid- or late 2016.


  • The Principle of Anti-Fascism has been criticized by prominent figures in Ceticilian politics for being unprofessionally written and vague.
  • The detailed flag and symbolism laws have been criticized for being irrelevant to the constitution and suggested to be moved to specific non-constitutional laws.

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