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This page documents Ceticilia's final referendum.

Referendum Text

This legislation will amend the Constitution. It will go into effect immediately after passing.

1. The Constitution of Ceticilia is abolished. All related common law propogated by the courts of Ceticilia is also abolished. Any other remaining, previously unaccounted for law, is also abolished.

2. The government of Ceticilia is abolished.

3. Ceticilia as a state, nation, country, and entity is abolished. Therefore, Ceticilia shall cease to exist.

4. The Ceticilian government prior to the passing of this amendment recommends the creation of a Non-Governmental Organization to maintain and archive the history and faculties of the former Ceticilia.

5. Five minutes after this law goes into effect, it shall also be abolished.


In favor: 4 Not in favor: 1 Abstain: 1

Result: Referendum passes